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Luxus Blumenabonement

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Jewelry, paintings, and fashion are luxuries. We value them because they are rare. We buy these objects for special occasions. We are treating ourselves or our loved ones to them to create a unique experience. An experience that fabricates a memory to one of our senses like an unforgettable taste, color, scent or touch.
We at "Julia Gauld Flowers" believe that you should have the same experience with flowers. That you are mesmerized by old garden roses, the scents of sweetpeas, and a tableau of colors like an old Dutch Master painting. Our philosophy is that each of our floral bouquets is unique and one of a kind. We only design with seasonal fresh high-quality flowers like Englisch roses, orchids or peonies. Each bouquet will be designed in the vase to create a symbiosis between flowers and vessels. Each subscriber can choose from a range of beautifully designed vases. We deliver to your front door within Berlin.
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Castle Belvedere  65 Euros -
our small-sized bouquet

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Castle Glienicke  85 Euros -
our medium-sized bouquet

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Castle Sans Souci 105 Euros -
our large-sized bouquet

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